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Little rituals

I have always been a fairly cheerful person. I don't find myself ruminating over things or worrying myself sick about stuff. I like to think of it as me being well balanced, but it's entirely possible I am just not a deep thinker. I also like to do things without a plan. Like road trips. Just get in the car and drive. Don't ask me ahead of time where we are going to stop for the night, because I will not have made a reservation. I know where I am going, but how I get there is a little haphazard. Take a wrong turn, driving down a road that is unfamiliar? In deciding between turning around or finding an alternate route, I nearly always choose not to turn around. Unless it is dark and in a sketchy area...then all bets are off. If I am traveling with others, it is best if they take care of the arrangements and I just pay my share. My daughter can attest to this as she always makes the reservations. It's not that I don't want to or that I can't, it's just that …

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