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A random list of things for which I am grateful 2019 version

My life is a collection of abandoned journals and now, apparently, an abandoned blog. It has been so long since I have posted anything on this blog, that I completely forgot not only the password to the blog but the gmail account I used to sign in with along with the password for that account. Fortunately google doesn't forget anything, and cheerfully sent me the link for a new password. Ok, so maybe 'cheerfully' is a bit of a stretch, but it's my password recovery, isn't it? I stand by 'cheerfully'.

As to the ignored blog, I'd like to say it is because I am so incredibly busy that I cannot possible find 10 minutes to jot down some thoughts, but alas, I fear it is just because I am lazy (insert my daughter's eye roll here).

Now that we are officially ending not only 2019 but an entire decade (!), it seems like a good time to review and repost what I am most thankful for.

Obviously, my children are at the top of the list and that requires absolutely …

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