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Harley in the snow

It snowed here a couple of days ago, great big luscious flakes that lined every branch of the bare trees, every link in the fencing, turning my neighborhood into a white iced wonderland. As a rule, we don't get heavy, wet snow but rather a fluffy frosting of snow that can be quite deep, but still dry and airy. It can be frustrating to shovel it off your walk as it oft times blows right out of the shovel.

My daughter's dog, Harley, is a big 100+lb Labrador/Great Dane mix that made the transition from Texas to Montana with ease. My daughter was a little worried about how he would react to the snow, having never been in really cold weather before. I thought perhaps he would take after Cricket, our Springer Spaniel, who at first ran around the yard trying to lick it all up as it fell. Later in her life she decided snow was like poison and hated even touching it with her paws. Anywhere in that range would be great. As it turns out, he loves the snow. After being a dog on a leash, h…

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