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Living the frugal life by mooching off friends, an idea whose time has come

Having recently lost my job due to budget cuts, I have been searching online for ways to live on the cheap. I figured as long as I am looking for a new job, why not also look for ways to save a little money? Turns out there are tons of blogs and articles about how to live/retire with not much money, with titles such as "Moneyless man reveals how to live a cashless life" (he forages for free food in the wild and maybe dumpsters, and suggested a video by The Roadkill Chef) and "How to live without money, THE SECRET REVEALED" (a confusing 11 minute youtube video by and about a very young British man who apparently lives in a park and who held up a pound note and asked what do you think about this?")  and "The man who quit money" (he lives in an actual cave). Living as a forager in a park or cave, no matter how cheap that might be is a hard no. I also read blogs with such tantalizing tag lines as 'how can I get rich and not work' (winning the lot…

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