So this is how it starts

I have never blogged before, but not having done something has rarely stopped me from trying something new.  Although I am new to blogging, I am not new to crafting.  At one time or another I have tried just about every kind of craft there is.  Some of them from necessity, or maybe frugality is a better word...ok, so I might be cheap...some just to see if I can do them.  In high school I made my own clothes, because that is what everyone did.  Not my school clothes,  the fine clothier, JC Penny, provided those.  But when there was a special occasion, a trip to the fabric department was the first step.  I remember paging through those wonderful books, assessing the options, determining the difficulty involved then finally selecting the perfect pattern.  Then on to the fabrics....yards and yards of choices in every color and hue...then notions!  Buttons and zippers and ric rac, oh my!  The fact that the finished product was rarely as it was actually depicted on the pattern was of little consequence.  To me, the dresses I made for myself were perfect!  They were in my favorite colors, in fabrics I loved (or were on sale), and they always, always fit as though they were made for me, as of course they were.  They weren't high couture, but they were my couture.  (I can see my daughter rolling her eyes over that phrase!) 

So that was my start, making my special occasion dresses.  My crafting has changed focus over the years as I have either lost or gained interest in other crafts, but I have never stopped wanting to make something with my own hands all by myself.  Which brings me to this blog, something else I am doing all by myself...with Google's help.  I hope to hear from other crafters and do-it-yourself-ers.  After all, the fun is in the journey and who you meet along the way. 



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