I am sitting on my patio enjoying the setting sun, glass of very nice red wine on the table, iPad in is good. Life is also made up of random little delights that I sometimes forget to acknowledge. So here are some things I find delightful in no particular order. Listening to my dog snore as he naps on my shoes under my desk. Wine. Chocolate. Hummus. Lemon bars. Dinner with my family. Holding my baby grand niece. Talking on the phone with my daughter as she drives home from work 2 time zones away. Making bracelets. Pinning. Junk stores. Thrift stores. The makeup counter at Nordstrom. Watering my plants. Fresh tomatoes. White corn right off the cob. Watching football with my son. Hummingbirds. Born sandals. My new summer purse. Breezes. My Kindle. Farmer's Markets. People who say thank you. My sister in law. White linens. My best friend. Hydrangeas. Ice cream. Petite vanilla bean scones from Starbucks. Starbucks. Rainier cherries. Stone bridges. Pebbles. Patio umbrellas. Dr Pepper lip gloss. Having 500 photos on my iPhone. Seeing the moon during the day. Words with Friends. Realizing how lucky I am to have family I love, friends I adore and the time to enjoy both. My life is full of random delights. I hope yours is, too.


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