I wish I had a barn

Not to keep animals in, although that might be fun.  I wish I had a barn so that I could reclaim all that wood and make cool stuff out of it. Ok, not really.  Tearing down something that is perfectly fine to make other things would just be silly.  No, what I would like is a falling down barn I could reclaim.  Then I could make some of these:


While I'm at it, how about a truckload of pallets?  There is some very cool stuff being made from pallets.  Check out these amazing ideas:

Of course to make these, you have to have some level of proficiency with a hammer and saw.  I am better with a glue gun and papercutter.  You also have to be ok working with dirty wood with jagged edges and I really don't like getting splinters.  And wouldn't I have to have a workshop big enough to handle all of the reclaimed, splintery wood?  Not to mention a big space to store the finished products? And where would I find a limitless supply of these pallets?  I really don't want to dumpster dive or fight some other person for the right to the dirty, splintery, nail ridden pallets.  My enthusiasm wanes. 

So, ok, clearly reclaimed barn wood and pallet furniture making is not in my future.   Still...I wish I had a barn.


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