Becoming a better me

A woman's life is in stages, or links, if you will.  Sometimes as we navigate from one link to the next, we become so focused on where we are coming from and where we are going that we completely forget to focus on the vessel we are using to get there...our bodies.  Since May is Women's Health Month, this is a good time to take stock of how we feel, what we feel and how much better we should feel.  I am not one to run to the doctor with every little complaint.  If anything, I err on the side of being too optimistic about my health and will shrug off warning signs that really should not be shrugged off.  Then something smacks me in the face and I have to, with much irritation, deal with whatever my body is currently doing. At least that has been my modus operandi in the past.  This year and going forward, I am determined to stop taking a defensive position on health issues and am going on the offensive.  So all you body parts that have been lollygagging along, you are getting in shape, baby. 

I am starting at the, not mental health, dental health.  Who among us likes to go to the dentist?  I don't even like thinking about going to the dentist. But I finally did and realized I should have gone much earlier.  Who knew that wisdom teeth moved!  Apparently they get tired of being at the back in the dark and begin to migrate toward the front and daylight.  Of course your other teeth are not willing to give up their prime space in your jaw, so the wily wisdom teeth push against them, subtly applying pressure until your other teeth crack...really, literally crack.  $1400 later, two are gone and two have been given notice to vacate.

Now that I have a better grip (ha!) on what I eat, it is time to address exactly what I eat.  I have been a vegetarian for years and have dabbled in veganism off and on. My last blood test showed my cholesterol levels are thru the roof, so I have 3 choices...I can ignore the numbers and let my arteries clog up, take a cholesterol leveling drug for the rest of my life, OR embrace being a vegan.  Laid out like that, there is not really a choice involved.  As I would prefer unclogged blood byways and I don't care to spend any more $$ than necessary supporting our pharmaceutical companies, veganism it is. So long eggs, cheese and sour cream.  Hello hummus, whole grains and couscous. I have known for quite some time that a plant based diet is what I should be enjoying...I just had to be hit over the head with numbers to actually do it. 

Fortunately other tests show that my body appears to be functioning as it heart is beating with appropriate rhythm, my lungs are handling the ins and outs of breathing, my liver is doing liver-ish things.  So why do I wait so long between dental and medical health check ups?  I don't procrastinate about other things.  I fill the bird feeders long before they are empty.  I clean off my desk while I can still see the desktop. I empty the trash before it spills over on the floor. But for some odd reason, when it comes to health and well being, I am simply awful at making that first appointment.  I have no idea why, but that is one thing I definitely am going to work on.  We have one and only one vessel to use while moving thru life.  I plan on using mine for a good long time.

For some great information on being or becoming vegan, check out this site.  It covers everything from nutrition to baking without eggs to planning meals.


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