I'd pay good money to have that done for me

I read a blog this week on LinkedIn by someone who said she was self employed and needed a boss to get her motivated to work and to keep on task. As I read it I thought Pfftt! I have a boss and most days would happily trade her for 3 petite vanilla bean scones and a grande bold, no room for cream, from Starbucks. Instead of a boss to motivate me, I need someone who loves doing tedious, thankless tasks that I don't want to do, or if she doesn't love to do those tasks, is at least willing to accept $$ to do them.  Housecleaning, for example.  As I get older and am less inclined to twist into the pretzel position needed to scrub floors and dust baseboards,  I am thankful for younger, fitter people who are willing to clean my house in exchange for money.  Washing my car is another task I choose not to do myself, but in that case I don't actually pay a person but a machine into which I drive as the clever arms twirl about my car, soaking, soaping, brushing and drying.  I sit, enjoying the bubbly, swirling water, thankful for whoever invented this amazing machine and for whoever else decided the perfect place for it was right around the corner.  Ditto for oil changes, window washing and dog grooming.  I happily pay someone to do those jobs, someone who does them much better than I could.

Increasingly I have been dreaming of someone who will photograph and post my jewelry on Etsy.  Today, as I was trying to come up with the magic words that would both capture the essence of my newly created bracelets and automatically catapult them into the proper search fields, I found myself wanting to Dragnet the paragraphs...just the facts, ma'am.  Overcome with the inability to craft one more fun/charming phrase, I am actually angered by this need for description and type "Look at the photos, like it? buy it!"  I feel mildly ashamed of this and delete it, only to substitute phrases so overblown I run out of adjectives. Around the third time I use the word 'great' in relation to a nice but clearly not great bracelet, I understand I have to save my work and come back to it later when I have had either coffee, wine or chocolate...or some combination thereof.  Part of the problem is my own procrastination.  I love designing and creating jewelry, am exhilarated by the process of taking a pile of beads and findings and having a finished bracelet in my hand that matches the one in my brain.  But words cannot describe how much I loathe putting the listing on the site...dealing with the pictures, struggling with light and backgrounds, sizing and uploading the images, the agony of choosing from drop down menus, the tedium of pricing, tagging, posting. So it comes as no surprise that I let the jewelry accumulate in pretty little sparkling bunches, as I wait for inspiration to strike. 

And suddenly I realize that the LinkedIn blogger was absolutely spot on.  I do need a boss to make me do the work. I need someone to motivate me to do it when each piece is newly created and not at the end of the week when I have a dozen sitting there, not earning any money. Of course the only person I can afford to hire is, yep, myself. The blogger may have mentioned that at some point in the blog that I Pfftted at.  Sigh...I hate it when bloggers are right.

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