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Cruisin' with my mom, the Planning Stage

My mom turned 90 July of last year, a milestone for sure. I started asking her in March what she would like to do to celebrate. My mom does not enjoy surprises nor is she at all spontaneous, so the more time to prepare the better. After going back and forth about how she saw herself celebrating (California to see family, Chicago for more family, Hawaii), she finally decided she wanted to go on a cruise. She and my dad had been on several cruises in the 80s and she was eager to share that experience with me, a cruise virgin, and my daughter, a cruise veteran. So where to go? Cruises to Mexico/Bahamas/Caribbean were out (too hot). Alaska was also out (too cold). She chose an 8 day cruise along the West Coast, from Seattle south to Astoria, Monterrey and San Francisco then north to Victoria BC and back to Seattle. We are just a day's drive from Seattle, so the plan was to drive over the day before, stay in a hotel, then be ready early the next morning to board the Star Princess. We b…

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