Crafting or Yoga?

I read an article in a beading newsletter recently in which the author said that, for her, beading was as good as yoga. If the purpose of yoga is to focus the mind and relax, then I have to say she is spot on.  Of course in addition to being relaxing, crafting is also irritating, time consuming, invigorating, inspiring and a bunch of other "ings" including isolating.  I have to admit that I am not a good multitasker when it comes to crafting.  I either want to concentrate on what I am making or do something else.  I just get too involved with the design and complexities of my projects to want to split my focus between what my hands are doing and what my ears are hearing. Sort of like turning down the car radio when you are lost. While I am making jewelry I don't want to watch TV or listen to music or talk.  I especially don't want to talk about what I am doing.  I don't want to explain what it will look like when it is done or why I chose that bead. I don't want to be asked where I got that idea and am I making earrings to go with it.  I certainly don't want any stage of it to be admired...mostly because it might not look like that when it is done.  I break down bracelets all the time and what looks completed right now might be in pieces 10 minutes from now.  OK, so clearly I am a cranky crafter.  At some point I must have been more chatty while doing crafts since my kids have (relatively) fond memories of working with me so I must have talked to them if only to say don't glue your hand to the table.  Those crafts were focused on them, though, and the ones I do now are all about me.  Crafting is my escape, my therapy, my selfish "me" time, and yes, my yoga.  And really, would you be expected to chit chat in the middle of downward facing dog?  Of course not.   That doesn't mean I have to craft in a closet, in the dead of night, when the world is quiet and settled.  I am not waking up at 4 in the morning to string beads by flashlight.  I can craft in the middle of chaos, but my crafting insulates me from it.  So, watch TV, talk amongst yourselves, watch a playoff basketball game.  Just don't expect me to respond when you ask me "Did you see that!!!"  Because, no, I did not...I am doing yoga.


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