A random list of things for which I am grateful 2019 version

My life is a collection of abandoned journals and now, apparently, an abandoned blog. It has been so long since I have posted anything on this blog, that I completely forgot not only the password to the blog but the gmail account I used to sign in with along with the password for that account. Fortunately google doesn't forget anything, and cheerfully sent me the link for a new password. Ok, so maybe 'cheerfully' is a bit of a stretch, but it's my password recovery, isn't it? I stand by 'cheerfully'.

As to the ignored blog, I'd like to say it is because I am so incredibly busy that I cannot possible find 10 minutes to jot down some thoughts, but alas, I fear it is just because I am lazy (insert my daughter's eye roll here).

Now that we are officially ending not only 2019 but an entire decade (!), it seems like a good time to review and repost what I am most thankful for.

Obviously, my children are at the top of the list and that requires absolutely zero qualifications or explanations.

My mom, bless her heart. That's a tough one. She is now in the same city, same house. Sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes it's a what was I thinking mess. We have a difficult and fragile relationship. She is quick to anger and even quicker to take offense at perceived criticism. She is not good at laughing at herself, but she is excellent at what she calls 'people watching', which involves her sitting in restaurants and staring at others. And then laughing at them. But she is my mom, and I am grateful to be able to spend these years with her.

My friends. I don't have bunches but the bunch I have are the best. They lift me up, they irritate me, they laugh at my jokes, they text me to make sure I am ok, they offer to bring me soup or wine when I need it. They give me advice and ask for mine. They help me pack and unpack and they offer me unwavering support. They are happy I am in their circle and I am so very grateful for them.

Now that the weighty things are out of the way, here are some random things for which I am grateful.

Souvignon Blanc from New Zealand (don't even try to compete, California)
Venti Americano, black with heavy cream (it doesn't always love me, but I love it nonetheless)
True crime podcasts
Poached eggs
Decks with views
Wine on decks with views
Wine on decks with views of rainbows
Office buddies
An office door to close out those office buddies
Grace and Frankie
New winter boots
Kindle Unlimited books
Sunday NFL games  
The Rams having a great 2020 NFL season (hahahahahaha!)
Sweet potato tater tots with ranch dressing 
Big TVs
Our charming little downtown
Neighborhood bars
The end of the list

Happy 2020!


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